LEGAL AID IS NOT DEAD! Whilst there have been massive changes this April to the Family Legal Aid Scheme, Legal Aid is still available, free for parents and those with Parental Responsibility in Care Proceedings, and on a means and merits tested basis for Care Proceedings (for others) and for Domestic Violence injunctions. Legal Aid is not generally available in respect of Divorce, Finances or Children matters, although in certain circumstances (particularly where you have been subject to domestic violence) Legal aid may still be granted.

As a Legal Aid firm, Young & Co will always ensure that we will let you know where Legal Aid is available for your matter and help you obtain it where possible.

If you cannot get Legal Aid, Young & Co now has many fixed fees for various family matters including: Divorce (both Petitioner & Respondent), Relationship finances, Children matters (including contact, residence and specific issues/prohibited steps), Injunctions & domestic violence.

We also offer fixed fees for Cohabitation agreements, Pre-nuptial agreements, Separation agreements, Change of Name deeds and Parental Responsibility agreements.

A fixed fee allows you to take control over your legal costs and ensure you know what your legal costs will be and what they will cover.

If you don't want or cannot afford legal representation, Young & Co offers legal advice as and when you want it on an ad hoc basis. We can advise you at each stage in the proceedings and assist you to represent yourself. 

For more information on our Family Legal Aid Services please ring 01782 339200 or contact us here.